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Paving Joint Mortars / Paving Pointing / Paving Grouts

Paving Joint Mortars / Paving Pointing / Paving Grouts Please visit our new dedicated Hard Landscaping website where you will find extensive information and advice on Paving Joint Mortars and Patio Grouts, Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers, Jointing Sand Stabilisers and other Hard Landscaping products, which are also available to apply in the new Online Shop on our new specialised website:


Pavement jointing mortars for all types of natural stone setts and high quality concrete blocks are supplied by NCC. Suitable grades for all different traffic loads from pedestrians to heavy vehicles. GftK mortars can be used in highways, town centres, market squares, commercial developments, parking areas, pedestrian areas and for all types of garden patios and landscaping projects.

NCC provide FREE Technical Advice and On-Site Support Service for the advanced GftK Pavement Jointing Mortars that are engineered and produced in Germany. GftK are the clear technology and market leaders for high performance and high efficiency paving jointing and pointing

You can save time and money on every project because you can:-

  • Work in wet weather and/or low temperatures (from +3șC)
  • Work faster and get paid faster
  • Work dust free and prevent mixing errors  Keep Working
  • Get off your knees and work standing upWhatever
  • Apply Self Compacting joints without staining the Weather!
  • Greatly reduce your cleaning work (at least 75%)
  • Much less waste, waste water disposal and sediment run off
  • With GftK Jointing you get durable high performance with:-

  • Full mechanical road sweeper resistance
  • Full frost and de-icing salt resistance
  • Cost effective long-life jointing and permanently filled joints
  • No weeds and no boring insects
  • Permeable and non-permeable grades (SUDs Compliant)
  • Extensive UK and European references, with many more than 10 to 15 years service already. NCC also provide a full range of paving cand patio cleaners and all types of natural stone and block paving sealers.

  • You can visit our dedicated paving site and our modern, secure Online shop at: www.nccstreetscape.co.uk

    Newark Market Square
    Newark Market Square

    The medieval market square in Newark still holds open air markets and other public functions at least 6 days a week.

    Requires frequent mechanical machine cleaning and there are all different types of delivery vehicles and traffic. The pointing of the joints had been an ongoing concern and all types of mortar had been used and trialled unsuccessfully.

    The Council identified GftK mortars from NCC Streetscape to overcome all of the problems. A C Moore Construction Ltd used the GftK mortar to grout the newly laid area of Porphyry setts. This enabled this area to be grouted up within one day (as opposed to several days with conventional materials). The Council then instructed A C Moore Construction Ltd to regrout the whole of the previously laid market area paving, replacing any damaged setts, and overlaying the cracked and broken out areas of existing cement grout.

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