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Construction Sealants including Sikaflex Adhesive Sealants

Construction Sealants including Sikaflex Adhesive Sealants Joint sealants for all types of construction movement joints, expansion joints, construction joints, connection joints and isolation joints are provided by NCC - These include the high performance Sikaflex and Thioflex elastic sealants, plus the latest polyurethane MS Polymer, Polysulphide, Silicone and Acrylic resin based adhesive sealants.

NCC supply joint sealants for use on concrete, brick, block, stone, steel, aluminium and timber structures including coloured products and joints with high movement.

These materials are usually gun applied, but we also supplies self-levelling and self-compacting, pourable joint sealants, which are very useful and much easier for sealing floor joints and other horizontal joints.

NCC provide all types of modern joint sealant materials including acrylic sealants, silicone sealants, polysulphide sealants, MS polymer sealants, polyurethane sealants and other unique joint sealant systems to meet your sealing requirements. The high performance Sikadur Combiflex system which is used for overbanding excessively wide joints or cracks in water tanks and below ground structures or areas exposed to aggresive chemical environments.

All of the construction joint sealants recommended and supplied by NCC are provided in accordance with the latest ISO standards including special joint sealing solutions for drinking water contact that are DWI approved systems for joints in potable water structures .

Whatever your joint construction joint sealing requirements call or email NCC today.

Wirral Sea Defences
Wirral Sea Defences

Sea Defences Sealed with Sika Sealant

Sea defence walls with deteriorated joints were allowing the ingress of sea water close to the steel reinforcement.

NCC supplied Sikaflex PRO 3WF to reseal the joints and protect the embedded steel. The failed existing sealant was removed and the edges prepared before the new Sika self levelling sealant was poured into place.

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