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NCC Helplines
Chorley: 01257 266696
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Newcastle: 0191 419 2530
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Scotland: 01506 657996
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NCC in action

Any Other Materials Problems?

Any Other Materials Problems? If you can't find your particular problem or requirement on our website, please give NCC a call today!

NCC have also been involved with special concrete mix design, specialised structural strengthening, surface decontamination and nucler coatings, cladding systems, resin anchoring, earthquake engineering and all sorts of liquid and sheet applied roofing.membranes

NCC are involved in all aspects of construction from the basement to the roof, with both new and refurbishment works - in the water industry, the nuclear industry, the mining industry, power generation and transmission networks. In all types of transport infrastructure roads, bridges, car parks, tunnels, ports, harbours and dock facilities. We work in many manufacturing industry facilities from food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, to cosmetics, electronics, automotive, light engineering and packaging etc. In all types of residential, commercial and public buildings traditional housing, multi storey buildings, offices, warehouses and logistics facilities, universities, schools, hospitals, leisure and retail complex's pws sport facilities etc.

In fact we solve all types of construction problems, in all types of buildings and structures.

NCC Services

Whatever your new construction or refurbishment problems or requirements, NCC will gladly assist - And as a minimum, point you in the right direction if we can not assist - but we can usually help to solve most problems.

Call or email NCC, today for FREE expert advice and assistance.

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