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Stone and Brick Masonry Cleaning & Restoration

Stone and Brick Masonry Cleaning & Restoration Natural stone cleaning, masonry cleaning and brick cleaning on all types of biulding facades, plus stone and masonry restoration, followed by the most suitable protection and preservation, are all specialist facade restoration works supported and supplied by NCC.

This includes both chemical cleaning solutions and specialist cleaning equipment, together with all of the specialist restoration products needed for complete stone and brick building restoration projects.

Only the Stone and Brick waterproofing and impregnating solutions which allow water vapour diffusion for breathable surfaces, are recommended by NCC. These will also help to prevent any dirt pick up or future organic growths.

Colour matched Remners stone restoration mortars plus compatible bedding, jointing and pointing mortars, such as traditional St Astier hydraulic lime based systems. Additionally stone consolidation solutions can be supplied to improve the strength prior to restoration and preservation.

Call or email NCC today for advice and support with all aspects of stone and brick cleaning followed by successful masonry restoration.

The Castle Keep, Newcastle
The Castle Keep, Newcastle

Repointing The Castle Keep

Stone restoration and conservation works ensuring they were in keeping with the original design and materials of the structure.

NCC provided the natural hydraulic lime mortar for the vital repointing works. The project spanned a three month period during which some 160 natural stone blocks were replaced and restored, including intricate mouldings over the original Great Door. All of the materials were tooled to match the original craftsmanship by St Astier Limited, the specialist consulting contractors.

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